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Why have a Handbook

In any organisation you need to have rules and procedures so that employees know how to conduct themselves, know what they can and cannot do and the consequence of any 'rule breaking'.

If you do not communicate this information you cannot fairly 'take-action' or enforce your rules and standards. An employee handbook is a great way to provide this information to employees.  There is also a legal requirement to provide certain policy documents to employees (e.g. disciplinary and grievance procedures).

Providing an employee handbook therefore provides the Company with protection, control and flexibility and can even reduce issues arising or help allow issues to be dealt with more easily. 

Handbooks in-a-box provides you with a comprehensive employee handbook template (and supporting forms and documents) that can be amended to meet the needs of your Company. 


  • Easy to use
  • Compliant with Legislation
  • Up to date
  • Cost effective

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Employment Facts

Once purchased, you will also have access to the Employment Facts page which provides a summary of key facts including:

  • National Minimum Wage Rates
  • Holiday Entitlement calculation
  • Statutory Maternity Pay Rates
  • Statutory Sick Pay Rates

and more...

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